Deal Summaries: Multifamily

Bonnie Arms & Celeste Apartments

Bonnie Arms & Celeste Apartments

$3,490,000 & $3,410,000 Perm Loans

27-Units Multi-Family/2 Buildings

Seattle, WA

HRC arranged $6.9M of permanent ... read more

Walnut Apartments

Walnut Apartments

$5,450,000 Perm Loan

48-Unit Multi-Family

Santa Clarita, CA

HRC arranged a $5.45M permanent loan for a long-term client to refinance a ... read more

333 Fremont

333 Fremont

$45,000,000 Construction Loan

83-Unit Multi-Family Development

San Francisco, CA

More information about the construction financing arranged ... read more

Huntington Apartments

Huntington Apartments

$6,265,000 Bridge Loan

54-Unit Multi-Family

Sacramento, CA

Highland arranged a $6,265,000 acquisition bridge loan sized to 80% LTC ... read more

Vintage Faire Apartments

Vintage Faire Apartments

$7,500,000 Bridge Loan

112-Unit Multi-Family

Rancho Cordova, CA

Highland has arranged a $7,500,000 bridge loan, representing 80% ... read more



$21,500,000 Bridge Loan

7-Acre Mixed Use 

Hollywood, CA

HRC arranged a $21.5M non-recourse bridge loan for the acquisition of the iconic ... read more

The Peloton

The Peloton

$24,000,000 Acq Perm Loan

150-Unit Multi-Family

Redmond, WA

A 30-year fixed rate permanent loan totaling $24,000,000 to secure a purchase price of ... read more

The Carrington Apartments

The Carrington Apartments

$13,000,000 Refi Perm Loan

108-Unit Multi-Family

Bellevue, WA

A 30-year forward permanent commitment totaling $13,000,000.

read more

Terraces at the Grove, Toscana, and Summit

Terraces at the Grove, Toscana, and Summit

$28,500,000 Bridge Loan

3 Properties, 192 MF Units

Sherman Oaks and West Hollywood, CA

HRC has arranged $28.5M ... read more

Alder Creek

Alder Creek

$14,500,000 Perm Loan

148-Unit Multi-Family

Riverside, CA

HRC has arranged a $14.5 million in non-recourse acquisition/bridge financing for the ... read more

Northern California Apartment Portfolio

Northern California Apartment Portfolio

$50,000,000 DUS Perm Loan

922-Unit Multi-Family

San Francisco and Sacramento

HRC secured a $50 MM Freddie Mac ... read more

Premier at City Place

Premier at City Place

$25,000,000 Construction Loan & $2,350,000 Mezz Loan

221-Unit MF Development

Downtown Long Beach, CA

HRC secured a $25.5 million ... read more

Terraces at Madrona

Terraces at Madrona

$12,991,000 Bridge Loan

84-Unit Multi-Family

Sherman Oaks, CA

HRC arranged a 95% LTC participating loan in the amount of $12,991,000. ... read more

Northern CA Multifamily Portfolio

Northern CA Multi-Family Portfolio

$39,000,000 Perm Loan

600-Unit Multi-Family Portfolio

Antelope, Rocklin, Sunnyvale, & Orangevale, CA

HRC arranged ... read more

Park Ridge and North Glen

Park Ridge & North Glen

$35,000,000 Bridge Loan & $16,100,000 JV Equity

792-Unit Multi-Family

Atlanta, GA

Two apartment complexes totaling 792 units – ... read more

Belamar and Casa Linda

Belamar and Casa Linda

$15,400,000 Bridge Loan

2 Properties, 141 Multi-Family Units

Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, CA

HRC has arranged a $15.4 million ... read more

The Moore Building

The Moore Building

$15,300,000 Construction Loan

79-Unit Luxury Apartment

Santa Rosa, CA

79-unit luxury apartment project over 7,800 square feet of ground ... read more

Chateau Marina and Fiji Villas Apartments

Chateau Marina & Fiji Villas Apartments

$152,000,000 Asset Sale

500-Unit Multi-Family

Marina del Rey, CA

HRC arranged the sale of the Chateau Marina ... read more

Cosmo Lofts

Cosmo Lofts

$11,000,000 Perm Loan

50-Unit Multi-Family

Hollywood, CA

HRC arranged an $11 million, 10-year fixed rate loan for the Cosmo Lofts. The loan ... read more

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